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Behind the Scenes of Gods of Olympus with Adam Gill!

Jul 27th, 2011

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Hi Phans,

My name is Adam Gill. I am in charge of creating and implementing all of the sound and music assets for Phantom EFX. Gods of Olympus is the seventh major slot release I've worked on since I started at Phantom in 2004. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about my experience working on the game.

Adam Gill Image

One of the major tasks I have in creating the Phantom slot games is recording voice-overs. Recording voices is one of my favorite parts of working on the games. We have a lot of talented people around the office that do a great job of coming up with cool voices. It's always fun to hear what people come up with. One of the unique things about our games is that most of the voice work is done by people around the office. This year I recruited my friend Nassor Cooper to record the voice of the "Soul Man". That slot machine definitely turned out to be one of my personal favorites this year. Also, how can I talk about Phantom voice work without mentioning the talented P.J. Stoppleworth, a.k.a. the voice of the Phantom prize vaults?

Another major part of what I do for the Phantom slot games is sound effects. A lot of times picking the sound effects for the games is simply a matter of finding the right source material in our massive sound effects library. Many of the symbols and so forth have obvious sound effects associated with whatever action is occurring. With some of the more otherworldly type animations and environments I have to take a different approach. Sometimes I'll record foley effects myself (I have a lot of noise making gadgets lying around the office), other times I might use one of the many software synthesizers we have to achieve the right effect. I take inspiration from a lot of classic sound design examples (cartoons, old movies, etc) and I've done a lot of research into how exactly they made some of those iconic sound effects we all know whether we consciously realize it or not.

The last aspect of my job here that I would like to talk about is music. Music has a lot to do with creating the right atmosphere. Our games cover a wide range of themes and they all have to have unique and appropriate music.  I have an extensive collection of samplers, synthesizers, and other music making gadgets I've gathered over the years. While I don't compose as high of a percentage of the music as I used to, I try to compose as much of the music as I can within the time allotted. The rest of the music I purchase from royalty free music sources, mostly Also this year I had Austin Taft, who many readers might know from Tech Support, help out with the slots.  He did a fantastic job with creating sounds and music for "Candy Shop", "Shooting Stars", "Wedding Winnings", and "The Odyssey".

I had a great experience working on Gods Of Olympus. I've always thought that our games get better every year and Gods of Olympus is no exception. I'm very proud of the work that myself and the rest of the development team put into the project. Some of my favorite slots include "Camping for Credits", "Where the Wild Symbols Are", and "Oktoberfest".


That’s about all I have for now, thanks for reading.

Adam Gill

Emperor of Sound