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Day 1 of WMS Slots: Reel Em In Exclusive Previews!

Aug 22nd, 2011

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Welcome to our first of our WMS preview. We are super excited to bring you some of the most popular WMS slots, from casino floors around the world, straight to your Personal Computer. 

So here we go with the first four slots from Phantom’s upcoming title WMS Slots: Reel Em In.


Reel Em In

As you probably guessed from the title, Reel Em In is the feature slot of this Retail Box product. From one of WMS’ most popular series, this slot has everything a fisherman could want without the mosquitoes and the fishy smell.  Multiple bonus rounds give you plenty of chances to catch the big one.

Reel Em In topglass


Reel Em In SS1


Reel Em In ss2

3 Alarm Fire

This WMS slot is sure to heat up your PC.  With three reels to focus on the action, this slot stays quick and hot.

3Alarm Top Glass
3alarm ss1
3alarm ss2
Visit the glory days of Cleopatra and see ancient Egypt in a whole new light.
Egypt Top-glass
Egypt ss1
Egypt ss2
9 Suns
This slot’s exciting bonus rounds challenge you to save your world from the oppressive heat of multiple suns.
9suns Top Glass
9suns ss1
9suns ss2
Pre-orders will begin at the end of this 10 day lead-up on September 1st and will be hitting shelves nationwide in October! Have you missed a Day? check out this recap Here:WMS Exclusive pre-release content! And get every preview 1 day early head over to our facebook page and check out all the exciting insider information!
Good Luck and Happy Spinning!
-Phantom EFX