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Phantom EFX Headquarters

Phantom EFX - The Company

Founded: 1998

Aaron Schurman (CEO), Danny Stokes (Production Manager), Marty Vanzee (Art Director), Darin Beck (Chairman of the Board)

Headquarters: Cedar Falls, Iowa

Phantom EFX has skyrocketed to the top of the industry, becoming the world's leading developer and publisher of slot and casino games. Phantom EFX has always followed the simple goal of creating titles that are more innovative, more entertaining, and graphically superior to present market offerings.

Staff and Facility

Phantom EFX has brought fans the hottest trends and games straight from the casino floor thanks to the outstanding talent and experience of their dedicated staff. This talent and experience has allowed Phantom EFX the ability to become an all-encompassing developer, controlling the creation of their games on every level of production.

The growing success can also be attributed to its brand new, state of the art facility. The impressive office space gives Phantom employees the ability to provide fast, efficient content, and high quality. With distribution handled out of their 20,000 square foot warehouse, Phantom EFX is able to handle the large orders it receives with ease.

The award winning staff and state of the art facility both contribute to why Phantom EFX is truly positioned as the #1 publisher and developer of casino games.


Phantom EFX leads the industry with a wide variety of groundbreaking Reel Deal titles for casino, slot, and card players. These titles can be found on almost every platform, including: PC, MAC, Playstation Network, Xbox 360, iPhone, Android, and Facebook.

Product Lines


Phantom EFX's retail box products are sold in over 12,000 major retail stores in North America such as Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, OfficeMax, Fry's Electronics, and many more. Phantom EFX's retail product lines include the following: Reel Deal Slots, Reel Deal Casino, Reel Deal Card Games, Reel Deal Classic Games, and Reel Deal Adventure.

Digital Download Content:

Phantom EFX has a huge library of over 425 individual slot titles that are available through boxed products, the Reel Deal Slot Club, and other download content sites. Phantom's content leads the Casino and Cards categories on various online portals including: Big Fish, iWin, Trymedia, Wild Tangent, and Amazon to name a few. In 2011 Phantom EFX produced and distributed the following new digital product lines: Reel Deal Bonus Mania Slots, Epic Slots, and Slot Quest.

Pushing the Boundaries:

Phantom EFX made the first Massively Multi-player Online casino game titled Reel Deal LIVE. Reel Deal LIVE offers an exciting casino experience on three casino floors complete with avatars, quests, tournaments, powers, leveling, and more. Reel Deal LIVE sets the bar for an online casino game and continues to grow today.

Phantom EFX is always looking to push the envelope! Their most recent accomplishment came in the spring of 2011 with the release of Battle Slots. Battle Slots utilized an engaging slot mechanic and wrapped it in an exciting Role Playing Game (RPG). This was Phantom's first attempt at an RPG and the spinning combination made it a hit from day one.

Awards and Accomplishments:

Some of Phantom EFX's on-going accomplishments include:

  • Over 33 box titles produced to date.
  • 15+ games have sold over 100K units each at retail.
  • Top publisher of casino games since 2005.(According to NPD sales data)
  • Four titles have been #1 in the casino category (According to NPD sales data)
  • New releases are consistently in the top 10(According to NPD sales data)
  • Numerous occasions of Award Winning Art
  • The first to develop and launch an online casino (entertainment only) - Reel Deal LIVE! free/subscription models
  • 2008 Inc. Magazine 500/5000 Honoree
  • Technology Association of Iowa-Medium to Large Software Company of the Year, 2009.